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Pursuing excellenct in a nurturing, safe, and innovative environment.

Academics: We meet students where they are in their academic journey.With specialized reading programs that allow students to advance their skills and build confidence, to math curriculum that goes beyond teaching facts and develops deeper-level thinking, Snyder Primary, and Intermediate Schools are committed to helping each student achieve success. Each campus places a strong emphasis on STEM, inquiry-based learning. and career exploration.

Leadership: With a foundation in the 7 Habits, we firmly believe that all students can and should be a leader not only here at school, but also in their families and community. We foster opportunities for our students to be leaders every day.

Fine Arts: Students benefit from art and music programs taught by enthusiastic educators who are passionate about their subject matter.

Physical Education: Students take breaks throughout the day to allow their minds to rest and reset. Students have safe, structured physical education daily, outdoor recess, and in-classroom brain breaks.

Gifted and Talented: Snyder Primary School offers a gifted and talented program for students who qualify for needing services. The GT referral window opens in November each school year. For more information on the GT services that are offered, you may contact the school counselors.

Social/Emotional Support: Students at SPS are provided with several opportunities to receive social and emotional guidance. School counselors provide whole class guidance lessons and can offer short term small group or individual counseling support as needed. Positive behavior supports and acknowledgments are used and are embedded in our campus expectations and procedures for all students.

Additional Academic Support: Tutorials, RTI (Response to Intervention), and Special Education Services are available to students who need additional support. 

When needed, our certified staff will meet with the parent, student, teacher, and other staff to develop a plan for success.

Dual-Language Program: Snyder ISD offers a unique opportunity for elementary students to learn a second language over the course of six years. Students enroll in Kindergarten and are expected to remain in the program through 5th grade.

STEM Labs: Both Snyder Primary and Snyder Intermediate campuses have a dedicated STEM space. These labs are equipped with hands-on materials like legos and a lego wall, robots, 3D printers, and other technology. These labs are the perfect area to foster creativity and allow students to extend their knowledge in a variety of ways.

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